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The Current State of the World Explained through Music


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An Overview of Vibration

From the bible – John 1:1; “In the beginning was the word, and the word was God.”

Substitute the word God for vibration, and this essentially translates to vibration gives birth to EVERYTHING. Anything comprised of vibration (which is everything), is simply a distortion/creation/part of God.

Vibrations are waves that essentially transmit data. Sound is vibration. Geometry is vibration. Sound is numbers through time. Geometry is numbers through space. Cosmology (the study of the nature of the 3D Universe) is numbers through space + time.

Light is simply the medium through which geometrical data is transferred that we then subjectively interpret as information. Perceive everything as sound/music. Sound (vibration) is the most powerful thing in existence. Sound (vibration) creates light. Light carries the data that allows us to interpret the form/geometry of the world around us.

Light relates to our perceiving element (brain)/thoughts, which are electric

Sound relates to our expressing elements (heart)/feelings, which are magnetic.

When everything is fundamentally perceived as music/vibration, things can be broken down further. For example; “Universe” Uni (one) Verse (song). We are all instruments playing in the Uni-Verse. We are all part of the same song, but we are also our own unique instruments/frequencies in that song.

Essentially, we don’t need to “add” anything, we’re already perfect, we just have to remove what we’re not. Most of us have an excess of unwanted noise/music in our fields that makes our own song hard to hear/discordant. This is usually created by holding onto trauma/dis harmonic vibration that gets stored in/through us. We “heal” by removing all the excess noise that we are not/don’t want, so that our own unique song can be heard.

Thoughts and feelings are vibrations. Think of emotions as energy in motion. When we don’t properly process an experience (experiences are comprised of thoughts and feelings and are thus energy in motion) or the emotion associated with the experience, that unprocessed energy gets stored in our energy field to be processed at a later date. When the experience/emotion that we hold on to is negative, it creates stagnation and leads to dis-ease in the body. This is essentially what trauma is. You’re experiencing un-processed negative energy.

Moving onwards – How the ‘mysticism of music’ and ‘laws of harmony’ can shed some light on the current world dynamic:

Beyond the subjective aspect of music, there is an underlying objective truth of harmony. While that itself is at least a book, if not a volume of books, a few basic principles should be known.

Music is an organising intelligence based on harmonic principles which are the interplay between stability and instability, harmony and dissonance, resolution and tension. All music exists within an octave and an octave contains an infinite amount of ‘notes’. Some notes are more ‘stable’ and create ‘resonance’, which creates a certain ‘gravity’. An octave contains an infinity within and connects to an outer infinity. Notes themselves are ‘fractals’ of octaves. Between any two notes are an infinite amount of smaller notes.

‘In tune’ is a mathematical precision that creates harmony.

‘Out of tune’ is an imprecision creating disharmony.

Anyone can train themselves to discern the differences.

We hear not only with our ‘ears’ but hear/feel with our heart as well.

Remember, light is electric/processed by the brain. Sound is magnetic/processed by the heart (in essence we feel sound instead of thinking it). See here.

Notice hear/ ear/ h-ear/ h-ear-t/ heart.

The dissonant ear or heart can become habituated to ‘dissonance’, and assume it is interpreting a state of harmony based on over-exposure adaptation. Essentially, we assume the familiar/what we are constantly exposed to is right and harmonic, even if its function is one of dissonance. This is why it’s easy to get trapped in negative cycles and patterns of addiction.

There are gradations to both harmony and dissonance depending on the refined ear and heart. The deeper the refinement, the deeper the realisation that all dissonances are a function/property/distortion of harmony. The true secret of vibration is that all and everything is truly ‘one’, and inside of the one is an infinite amount of interplay. Both harmonic and dissonant.

The primary governing universal intelligence is harmony/love and data/light. Love is what keeps it all together and never allows all to fall apart. Without love, our world could never have been formed, as love is the most crucial element for things to ‘bind’ to each other. Love and gravity are very similar and are closely intertwined.

Even in severe moments of dissonance, the gravity of harmony reorganises itself into a greater form of existence. And here we are today, the world seems to be in an ‘in-between’ state, we are currently moving from one note/octave to the next and are thus experiencing significant friction and dissonance in many areas of our lives. What to do?

Tune in to the fundamental truth that is before and beyond all labels and identities. The fundamental truth that we are all part of the whole and the whole is harmonic. Tune the heart to this truth.

The more we are in-tune, the more we find the energy to move our current ‘in-between’ dissonant state to a resonant harmonic note.

We begin inside ourselves and extend outward. Harmony attracts harmony. Music serves many roles in our world.

Remember, there are no true separations, disagreements, or unsolvable problems, only misunderstandings.

While this will sound esoteric to some, as individuals and society, we must embrace the deeper intelligence of music as a guiding light to tune our hearts, minds, and bodies to help us enter the next octave of existence.



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