Sunday, June 26, 2022
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The Federal Government Covid Adverse Reaction Scheme


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Where to begin? That this scheme that has been set up is a scam. After reviewing their website and speaking to people on the phone, a huge run around to get the information I required. It is nothing but words on paper.

How does it not work? First, you have to be in hospital for at least 1 night. Your GP must be made aware of your reaction. You need to have a reaction that satisfies the TGA, and it must also be a very rare reaction that is only found in Australia under 1 of those 3 vaccines you have received. It doesn’t matter if it is found in other countries, as it hasn’t been found under the TGA guidelines.

Also, you might have underlying conditions that could have caused this reaction. Blood clots from the AstraZeneca, which is treatable, so no payout. The AstraZeneca, which was only given to those over 60, also rules out payment as a lot of these patients have underlying health conditions.

Myocarditis and Pericarditis from the Pfizer, again, which is treatable. No payout. It seems that if you get Guillain-Barré syndrome, it is considered a mild syndrome and you will recover. But you might get a payout. If the hospital and GP agree, but then it goes to an independent to overlook, who makes the final decision. Again, another cop out where you will probably be denied payment.

Onto the Moderna. Pretty much, nothing. All side effects are treatable with paracetamol.

The only way to get a payment is through death. But you must not have any underlying conditions.

They then send you to the TGA website which tells you that there are only minor adverse reactions. And the deaths from the vaccine are only at 9.

So, pretty much, it is nothing but words on paper that mean absolutely nothing even if a hospital and doctor agree, but the overlords making the rules deem it as a safe and effective vaccination.

Fill in the form that is provided, then sit and wait for no money to come through. Even if you have lost wages because of your hospital stay, the government does not care.



  1. My husband was injured from the Pfizer vax first dose 3 months ago. He’s had a headache daily since then. Gets electric shocks constantly and has had sharp grabbing chest pains near his heart that last a few seconds but are continuous all day. He also gets similar sharp pains shoot through his head and he’s lost most of his sense to taste permanently. I applied for this claim scheme months ago. They email you back saying “thanks for registering your interest”. Like it’s an invitation to a party you may get invited to if you’re one of the lucky chosen ones. I know he can still walk and function & they will probably deem him uninjured but what price do you put on the pain and suffering and not being able to taste? He no longer enjoys food like he used to and I can’t imagine that for life. It’s effected his moods and mental health also. How much is that worth to them? Considering they forced him to get it just to be able to work in construction. He’s never been sick a day in the 21yrs I’ve known him not so much as a sniffle. He barely has a doctors record to speak of at all so they won’t find anything. He didn’t even have a gp until a few yrs ago when I thought he should get his first ever blood test since he turned 50 and they were perfect. The gp has clearly written on the post vax blood test requests and the chest X-rays “post Pfizer”. They were all clear of course we expected that. He then told us we now need to go to the hospital to go through them as there is a system in place and no he can’t give him an exemption for the second vax. The system is a disgrace. People have been through enough the past 2 yrs and they took this vax to try and help the govt and the country. By trying to do the right thing people are dying and have permanent disabilities. I’m sure the govt is taking its sweet time hoping they all die before they actually get any payouts. I’ve lost all faith in any govt and especially mainstream media. I will never ever in my life watch them or listen to them. I only read news online now so I don’t have to hear their lying voices.

    • Julie, You need to speak out loud and clear wherever and whenever you can, there are still many who believe only what the mainstream media tells them and will do nothing to stop the mandates.
      I have just had a dearly loved Grandson forced to have the vaccine to keep his job, and another Granddaughter is now in the same situation.

      I am so sorry for you and your husband, please speak out.

      My prayers are with you and all victims of this vaccine experiment

      • I have been screaming from the rooftops for months now & have watched 11 other friends either die, become disabled or hospitalised with life threatening injuries some life long. I refuse to even call it a vaccine it’s just not. It’s a toxin it’s horrific what it’s doing to families and it needs to stop now

    • Its sad that people don’t realise the lies of the Government, the system and the main stream media before they have an injury or event. Its clearly not safe in any way shape or form. It is a war, and likely many more will die

  2. These political and medical thugs tyrants dictators and terrorists must all be brought down by the people ! The entire vaccination policy is totally corrupted with systematic and widespread conflicts of interest !! An incestuous body of corruption and conflicts of interest and no independent regulatory body to take these stinking criminals dwn!


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