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The Pfizer Effect


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Since Pfizer lost their court case and was forced to release details of its clinical trials, we have had a plethora of information dumped on us. Hundreds of thousands of pages of information and documents.

Pfizer wanted this information sealed for 55 years and was granted that seal. However, Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (PHMPT), a group of doctors and public health professionals, submitted a FOIA request and took Pfizer to court. Pfizer subsequently lost this case, and they were ordered to release all documentation over an eight-month period.

Since the beginning of the year, at the start of each month, we have been able to wade through these documents. Those following our updates would realise the concerning nature of the information contained in this information.

The pages and pages of known side effects should have been enough to cancel this experimental vaccine rollout. But the continued cover-up and attributing of these obvious and known side effects of the vaccine to Covid-19 has been laughable. Yet people continue to believe the ‘safe and effective’ mantra.

June saw more information released. It takes thousands of dedicated doctors, scientists, and researchers some time to make sense of these papers. Fortunately, they are committed to presenting this information in a manner we can all understand.

The following shows the devious lengths Pfizer went to gain approval for their experimental drug rollout.

The major headline for the June release has been: Pfizer Classified Almost All Severe Adverse Events During COVID Vaccine Trials ‘Not Related to Shots’

The case reports included in Pfizer clinical trial documents, released June 1 by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, reveal a trend of classifying almost all adverse events — particularly severe ones — as being “unrelated” to the vaccine.

The 80,000-page cache includes an extensive set of Case Report Forms from the Phase 3 trials. These trials were conducted in the US and around the world.

The latest release by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 documents reveals numerous participants who sustained adverse events during Phase 3 trials. Some of these participants withdrew from the trials, some were dropped, some disappeared, and some died.

The CRFs contain vague information and explanations of specific symptoms experienced by the participants. They also reveal a trend of classifying almost all adverse events – particularly severe adverse events (SAEs) – as being ‘unrelated’ to the vaccine.

The many serious adverse events – and several deaths – recorded during the Phase 3 trials are also apparent in a separate, massive document exceeding 2,500 pages, cataloguing such adverse events.

This document lists a wide range of adverse events suffered by trial participants classified as toxicity level 4 — the highest and most serious such level.

However, not one of the level 4 (most severe) adverse events listed in this document is classified as related to the vaccination. Usually, any adverse reaction should be considered caused by the vaccine until proven otherwise. In these circumstances, the opposite appears to have happened.

Level 4 adverse events listed in the document include but are not limited to the following, many of which occurred in multiple patients:

•             Acute cholecystitis

•             Acute respiratory failure

•             Adrenal carcinoma

•             Anaphylactic shock

•             Aortic valve incompetence

•             Appendicitis

•             Arrhythmia, supraventricular

•             Arteriosclerosis

•             Brain abscess

•             Cardiac arrest

•             Chronic myeloid leukemia

•             Complicated appendicitis/acute appendicitis with necrosis

•             Congenital heart disease/heart anomaly

•             Coronary artery occlusion

•             COVID-19 illness

•             Deep vein thrombosis

•             Diverticulitis

•             Hemiplegic migraine

•             Hemorrhagic stroke

•             Interstitial lung disease

•             Myocardial infarction

•             Orthostatic hypotension/possible postural hypotension

•             Osteoarthritis

•             Pericolic abscess

•             Peritoneal abscess

•             Renal colic

•             Ruptured diverticulum

•             Small bowel obstruction/small intestinal obstruction

•             Spontaneous coronary artery dissection

•             Subarachnoid hemorrhage

•             Suicidal ideation (and suicidal ideation with attempt)

•             Syncope

•             Type 2 diabetes

•             Worsening of abdominal pain

•             An “unevaluable event/“unknown of unknown origin.”

These events occurred in multiple participants yet were conveniently unrelated to the vaccine.

Similarly, only a tiny number of toxicity level 3 adverse events were indicated as “related” to vaccination. Such adverse events included but are not limited to the following, some of which occurred in multiple trial participants:

•             Arthralgia

•             Blood glucose increase/glucose spike

•             Deafness/hearing loss

•             Dyspepsia

•             Hypotension

•             Lymph node pain

•             Lymphadenopathy/lymph node swelling

•             Musculoskeletal chest pain (non-cardiac)

•             Neutropenia

•             Pain in fingers/bilateral hands

•             Pruritus

•             Pyrexia/febrile syndrome

•             Severe headache

•             Shoulder injury related to vaccine administration

•             Sleep disorder/sleep disturbance

•             Tachycardia

•             Urticaria

•             Ventricular arrhythmia

•             Vertigo

Page 2,525 of the document in question also lists six trial participant deaths, with causes of death including arteriosclerosis, cardiac arrest, hemorrhagic stroke and myocardial infarction.

An additional document released in this month’s tranche catalogues patients who discontinued their participation in the Phase 3 trial or whose participation was discontinued by physicians or other medical professionals.

While many patients were discontinued because they could not be located, because of a physician’s orders, because they moved to another region or for other personal reasons, numerous patients ended their participation due to adverse events, including but not limited to the following symptoms:

•             Acute myocardial infarction

•             Amnesia

•             Anorexia

•             Atrial fibrillation

•             Cerebral infarction

•             Congestive cardiac failure

•             Coronary artery disease

•             Deafness (unilateral)

•             Depression

•             Diabetic foot

•             Diverticular perforation

•             Exposure during pregnancy

•             Eye pain

•             Gait instability

•             Gastric adenocarcinoma

•             Gastrointestinal hemorrhage

•             Hypertension

•             Irregular heart rate

•             Loss of taste and smell

•             Myalgia

•             Paraparesis

•             Parkinsonism

•             Presyncope

•             Pulmonary embolism

•             Pyrexia

•             Swelling face

•             Tachycardia

•             Transient ischaemic attack

•             Urticaria

•             Vaccine allergy

•             Vertigo

In other instances, subjects withdrew because of fears connected to safety concerns related to the vaccine or discomfort in receiving the second dose.

Overall, despite the incidence of severe adverse events — some of which were admitted to be related to the vaccine — and deaths, as well as an admitted lack of data regarding outcomes for pregnant women who participated in the trial, the “safety conclusions” of the review, indicated that the vaccines are ‘safe and well-tolerated.

The cut-off date for data was 13 March 2021. As many experts have stated, this would indicate, ‘there is no long-term study or data for the vaccines, those taking the vaccine are the long term study’.

To suggest the multitude of adverse reactions we are seeing today are conclusively unrelated to the vaccines, as Pfizer and the FDA suggested, would appear naïve at best.

Pfizer has listed many side effects of the vaccines that were well known and documented yet continued with the rollout with almost religious fervour.

We are being told the sicknesses and illnesses we see in many today are ‘side effects’ of long Covid. These side effects of long Covid are seldom seen in any non-vaccinated person yet are becoming more common in the vaccinated group. Coincidence?

It remains to be seen just how long we can continue to deny a correlation between side effects and vaccine usage as more and more data becomes available.



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