Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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The real revolution


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Will the revolution be televised? The jury is out on that one, but it will be live streamed! And regardless of one’s stance on the goings on in Australia and around the world right now, it’s now obvious that we are in changing times, the revolution is coming and it can’t be stopped.

I love the lyrics of 90’s hip hop artist Flavor Flav from Public Enemy, who so eloquently said “are you ready for the real revolution, which is the evolution of the mind, if you seek then you shall find, that we all come from the divine.” Those lyrics from their prophetic track “He Got Game”, part of an outro to the song which if listened to is never forgotten.

Whether you’re ready or not, it’s coming. And this revolution that is upon us is calling for us to see that a new way of thinking is required, we are being forced to look at the oppressive systems that we have built in our unconsciousness throughout many generations.

What the evolution of the mind means to me is that a new energy is wanting to emerge from within us, the energy of the heart. This energy is love energy, the true intelligence. It is the true leader of our consciousness, the mind is an amazing part of us, but it’s just a part, not who we really are.

This love energy gives us the ability to filter thoughts through it which creates within us a unified way of interacting with both the outside world, and our own inner world. This way of unified thinking allows for true understanding and therefore patience, kindness, and compassion to shine through.

Ideally, evolution is always favoured over revolution. Revolutions are messy, often violent, and many lives are lost along the way. But it’s painfully evident now that a sudden change must happen to lay better foundations for a new way forward, for the evolution of consciousness to flourish.

In saying that, any revolution given to us by any government or intergovernmental organisation at this time must be treated with high levels of discernment, for we now understand that governments are not interested in true unity, because essentially this leads to the possibility of a future where these structures are no longer required in the same way.

If we want to recognise the truth of our reality, at some point I feel an acknowledgement of our divinity and connection to the oneness must take place, and again the heart is the key to seeing this truth, and balancing it. You can take it or leave it, but I say to you that the self proclaimed elite society are not only aware of our true power, the evidence is mounting that they are actively attempting to suppress the light within us whenever they can.

With courage we continue on, and we will prevail. I finish with these wise words from the American activist and author Helen Keller.

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.”

Hold the line!



  1. Amazing Stevin Kevin!! So true! The heart must lead the mind and love will guide us through this inevitable transformation of consciousness.

  2. Love your truth, yes we are to return to living from our heart, our inner heart which is always connected to our divineness and truth. What we have been living is under the model of life called creation or lies. Truth or lies are the two energetic forms of divineness or spiritualness. We are energetic beings and more than humans and how we live is determined by alignment to one of those two energies. However, if we are unaware that there are two energies, that we are energetic, that we are more than physical we then feed the lies of creation, the lies of supremacy of spiritual separation from the whole, the heart, the soul, our divineness.


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