Wednesday, June 29, 2022
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The Rise of Medical Apartheid


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We are living in unprecedented times. The rapid acceleration of the push to vaccinate and impose mandates to a very high percentage, if not all the Australian population, is changing our way of life as we know it and has Australia on edge.    

It feels like we are in a constant state of perpetual war daily with, television news, radio stations, commercials and celebrities constantly pushing the Covid induced fear propaganda and that we must ‘vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate’ to protect ourselves and the ones we love. Switch the channel, some say, but the fear is unescapable. Their well-orchestrated fear campaigns appear all over any technical device we may own.

Particularly concerning has been the use of the term ‘anti vaxer’. Whilst this is not a new term to some, it has risen in prevalence of late with a ‘helpful push” from our mainstream media organisations, some celebrities, and politicians. They advertently promote this term in a discriminatory manner, which encourages the public to continue this behaviour. We are heading down dangerous territory with the attempted normalisation of this and other terms.

Do they care? I think not. They only care to reach their 90 percent vaccination quota and at ANY cost.

In an apparent “Free” Australia our government has basically given its approval for business to deny entry to the “unvaccinated” So we now find ourselves at another fork in the Covid road with the emergence of Medical Apartheid. Apartheid being an Afrikaans derived word meaning “apartness” What better way to keep us all apart then by promoting apartness with a two-tiered society of vaccinated and unvaccinated being forcefully being kept apart. One group with privileges and the other not. Does that remind you of a time long gone? Or are we heading that way again along with “Show me your papers”. What road are we being forces down?. It’s clear to see and I for one fear for our children’s future.

At this point in time, I’m reminded of a 42yr old African American woman back in 1955, Alabama by the name of Rosa Parks. Rosa had the courage to stand up to segregation, refusing to vacate her seat for a white passenger when told to sit at the back of the bus she was travelling on, setting off a chain of events etched in the history books. 

Is all lost? Maybe not, I say. One thing is for sure. We need another Rosa Parks to stand up. Will it be you?




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