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The Spoilt Rich Hipster Just Threw a Tantrum


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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all had an unlimited amount of money so we could just buy the entire company if that company didn’t do what we wanted? I guess that would be acceptable if that company just made chocolate, and I bought it so it could make another flavour. It still wouldn’t sit right, however, if I bought it and got rid of a particular flavour just because I didn’t like it, therefore denying lots of others access to that flavour.

Unfortunately, we are not talking chocolate. We are talking about energy. Energy that powers homes and business, energy that brings people out of poverty, cooks their food, keeps them warm. This bearded hipster from the Eastern suburbs in his multi-million dollar mansion is on a mission to save the planet from one particular flavour of energy, COAL. Coal triggers this hipster, and the little snowflake wants to get rid of safe, reliable, and affordable coal fired power stations to wait for it…. Save the planet. He doesn’t seem to care about grandma in this instance; he doesn’t care if grandma can’t afford her power bill anymore and must freeze in winter or suffocate in summer, what he wants is to light up the sky with his bat signal and tell the world look at me, look at me I am saving the world.

Mike Cannon-Brookes (I’m always suspicious of hyphenated names) wants to take control of an iconic Australian ASX listed giant. AGL Energy is Australia’s largest power company. Hipster billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes (you can smell the self righteousness) wants to take control of AGL Energy to pave the way for a quicker shutdown of the energy giant’s coal fired power stations.

The overgrown toddler Mike Cannon-Brookes joined forces with Canadian asset management giant Brookfield to manage his tantrum and put forward a takeover bid to AGL on Saturday. The bid of $7.50 a share to acquire AGL grossly undervalues the company whose shares just 18 months ago were valued at $18.00 per share.

Australia if anything needs more reliable base load power to ensure its energy requirements are met going forward and we need to ensure that our coal fired generation continues so we can avoid premature transition to unreliable energy like solar and wind that have plagued European countries that appeased the “Green” monster on the premise that it is cheaper but in reality, more expensive.

Mike Cannon-Brookes is worth an estimated 30 billion dollars and is a vocal climate activist who has invested billions in renewable energy, which leads to the question is there a conflict of interest here?

Why should someone who sells an inferior mars bar be able to buy the company that makes mars bars, stop their manufacture and deny the people the ability to ever have a mars bar again and that’s just chocolate.


AGL have rejected Mike Cannon-Brookes little tanty in the checkout aisle and gave the toddler a hanky to wipe his tears and told him to sit down and shut up and allow the adults to make the big decisions.




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