Monday, June 27, 2022
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Things just don’t add up, and you know it


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This is for all those who have complied with every directive, who have got vaccinated and still feel uneasy about what is still to come.

You have been told over and over again, if you just comply, if you do the greater good for your fellow Australians then you will get your freedoms back, but still normality seems a lifetime away.

You were scared into believing that hundreds of thousands of Australians will die, yet the real numbers are so much lower.

You were told that severe vaccine side effects were rare, yet you probably know one if not more who have suffered a severe adverse event.

You were told that the freedom rallies were just a small disgruntled group of white supremacists protesting, yet you see hundreds of thousands line the streets filled with protestors of all races in complete unity together.

You were told the protestors were violent, yet all you see on social media is Police firing rubber bullets on unarmed civilians.

You were told to trust the medical professionals, yet thousands have resigned and protested because they don’t trust the vaccine.

You were told to trust the science, yet you see things that make no scientific sense like alienating the unvaccinated when the vaccinated can still spread the virus. Then there are rules like no standing with a drink at a bar but sitting down with the drink is ok, you know there is no scientific explanation to justify it.

You have seen government close borders and panic over Omicron, yet you hear the South Africans doctors say it is the mildest version yet.

You have seen government continue to invest in massive quarantine camps across Australia, yet shouldn’t the vaccines negate the need for these centres.

You have seen government continue to extend public health emergencies even with little or no cases in some states.

You have seen the Queensland Premier deny organ transplants for the unvaccinated and claim it’s for their health, yet you know that someone on the organ donation list will die without a transplant. So your critical thinking side of you knows it makes no sense.

You have seen hundreds of thousands of Australians leave their careers and risk their financial security instead of getting the vaccine. You know deep inside that there are not that many nut job conspiracy theorists out there. You know it doesn’t make sense. What do they know?

Maybe you’re scared because you got the vaccine, maybe your kids got the vaccine and the thought of imagining that yours and their health has been damaged is too much to take in. Maybe you’re embarrassed that you complied without doing more research.

Maybe instead it’s time to accept the reality, to look at ways to improve your health. Maybe it’s time to put your focus on the government and the powerful pharmaceutical industry, social media industry and mainstream media and call them out on what they have done.

Maybe it’s time you see the unity and love on display in the freedom movement. Maybe it’s time you come march with us. We will be the ones there on the street fighting for our freedoms. We will be there with arms wide open ready to embrace you and to hear your story.

Love wins, Love always wins



  1. Love this! Yes it is scary and I am worried about all of this. I think the vax’d should know we are concerned for them. I pray they are all long term going to be ok. Sadly the only thing that makes any sense is that the push for the vaccines via mandates must be for some other reason. Money, power, control or all of these things. We can only stop the fear and control with togetherness and a loving spirit, I pray no one else particularly the kids are harmed.’by the experiment, corruption and deceit by the now even richer elites, big pharmaceuticals and the governments. Around the world who are orchestrating this. I am already seeing a division in society and unfortunately it is not looking good…

    • Amen to that. My reactions have not gone away as my GP had ‘hoped’. I’ve taken more days off since the second one. I had the second one to go back to work. Go figure!!


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