Monday, July 4, 2022
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Undermining The Indigenous.


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Living in an Indigenous community who are connected culturally and spiritually to the land has very little impact on the government. For a long time, decades, the Aboriginals have lived their lives how they have pleased. There has been in the past, and still to this day, atrocities placed upon then by misunderstanding governments. 

The Western Australian Premier has sat down with the police and local council members to discuss vaccinating the people of the land. No Elders were invited or included in these meetings. There was no recordings of these meetings either. Somebody inside this meeting mentioned the fact that Elders were waiting outside to speak. They were finally invited in, and all they wanted was their water turned back on. And their voices heard. 

These Elders have a lot of distrust towards government interference in their lives. There are many places that no man can enter, as it is sacred to the Indigenous. Also, they are very distrustful of westernised medicines. 

With the Premier enforcing the mandates into legislation, and trying to force the military to administer these vaccines, there is a real big push back from the Elders and Indigenous. 

There is alot being hidden from the public. The incentives that are being offered. The services being blocked. It’s not only in Western Australia either. Northern Territory, QLD and remote communities in other states.

Water supply has been turned off near the Pilbara in WA. NT has stopped food supplies reaching communities. Money given to those who take each shot, food and supplies given. Even dry areas have been offered to open up and allow alcohol back. 

WA has sent in health experts to speak to the Indigenous to give them expert advise on the virus and how harmful it is to them. They will be approaching everyone’s home, stressing the need to take it. They are fear mongering them. Using the fact that imported disease has killed a lot of people over time amongst the most vulnerable. The average life span of the Aboriginal people is about 42. Diabetes is their number 1 killer. Using that fear that a new imported virus, which is incompatible with the way of their lives, and the way it is treated, will make them live a longer life. 

The people engaging will be indigenous nurses and Elders who have been given vasts amounts of money to convince the remote communities to take up their offers.  The military are not welcome on their land as it belongs to the aboriginals. It is not Crown land. Unless the government changes it’s mind and declares it as such. 

In the inner suburbs, it is a different story. These Indigenous have grown up without the advantage of belonging to the land. They have had the benefit of living amongst the western society. They are quite happy to go along with the status quo and not rock the boat. Incentives are winning them over. Being part of society overrides any other thoughts and feelings to their own kind. Or heritage. And the military are in the suburbs. 

The Aboriginal are Indigenous to their soul. No amount of money, incentives or scare tactics will work on them. They have faith in the land and she will take care of them. They might have a fight on their hands, but fight they will. 

The Australian government has done alot of damage to these people and they will not allow it to happen again.

How the cases are getting into these  communities, is anybody’s guess, but the Aboriginal people will not let that deter them. The only issue is the ones who are being bought out. Who have a price. The deaths that are not being reported from the vaccine, as the population of the remote communities are not even in our databases. Are there deaths from the Covid positive cases not being reported either?

With a connection to the land, these first nations people, have a stronghold on their beliefs, and a very negative view of the government. Some are still grieving from past inflictions that have been  hurled upon them. 

To understand what they have been through, you must have lived with  them. The dreamtime they talk about, the lore of the land. It is an absolutely different way to live. But they are happy. And living without  foreigners and political oversight. They have a healthy fear and respect  for this country. They know it better than anyone. There is too much distrust towards the Politicians and their ways. 

Once bitten, twice shy. 



  1. You need to get your facts right, Indigenous people have always had connection to country regardless of whether they live in the city or remote areas. Elders and nurses have not been paid buckets of money to convince our people to get the jab.! Should COVID run through our communities it will wipe out culture, stories, heritage and our Elders. Our children will have lost our old people to a disease that does not discriminate, therefore it is important that our communities understand that vaccination will not stop the virus, but it will reduce the impact of the disease. We bury so many of our people from introduced diseases every week, that statistically without some form of vaccination our people will become another statistic. No Aboriginal person has been forced to become vaccinated it is their choice, in saying this what is happening is that nurses, doctors and other community people are providing resources and medical facts to communities of this disease which is currently devastating other nations around the globe. Misinformation is the major stressor for our people, and it comes in all forms and at a cost. Truth telling is vital, so that our people can make an informed choice about their decision for themselves, their community and their children.

    • Wheres ur common sense ?
      Instead of ur fear based iniatiated response are u aware Covid is no more deadly than the flu?
      And incase u missed it. Both nz and oz no longer have the flu lol.
      Jist fucked off into thin air lol

      No the flu nos are just on the covid nos to hype up this agenda with the fear these nos create.!!

      And where do you get ur facts from?
      The paid off for ur personal benefit individuals amongst our The governments or the mainstream media ,
      Every single one of them with conflicts of interest , All of them owned by and paid for by the same people who own the companies who stand to make billions off of taking ur health from you .not enhancing it!
      This is a biomarker passport system. No vac at all . Why do u thing NO ONE is exempt !

      Wake the hell up .this jab . This isnt anything that u can or should be called a vaccine. Becos it’s not is it ! I suppose panadol or aspirin is a going to need be called a vaccine now. The vaccine for headaches ffs .wheres ur rational thought process ?

      Locking up and forcing the administering of an experimental unknown substance into ur body with out proper informed consent , face it ur not informed because ur able to be when the list of chems ect in the jabb are still undisclosed by the producer of it !!

      Injecting untested unsafe experimental drugs on the entire population of a nation even tho the people pushing it and the gov admit themselves freely admit it doesnt stop or even lessen the spread of a virus that cant actually be isolated to actaully prove that it even exists .

      What ever ur veiw is on vac is irrelevant .
      Open ur eyes to the restrictions being put in place and civil liberties and human rights being systematically slowly but surely eroded away to nothing .
      All in the name of ur safety ..

      So safe that ur polittitions also are the only people who DO NOT HAVE TO TAKE IT .
      Thers the only red flag u need to see to know this is wrong, contradicting and just completes the realisation of their own bullshit .
      Laws mandates forcing people to take the very same thing they themselves have a law protectimg themselves from …..hello ? How does that not register

      Are they going to be put into isolation camps of the non sheep. I very much doubt it.
      Rules for them dont apply to you

      Jist like the rules that u must abide by dont apply to them .????

      Seems fair ????‍♂️????‍♂️

      No matter what , you can not justify the bs they are using the” covid appron excuse “to do the things they are wen the reasoning they give doesnt for a second hold water as soon as u apply any common sense !

  2. I didn’t read this whole blurb. I couldn’t as after I read that the water was turned off at an indigenous community as a form of control and coercion I was absolutely incensed. Not at all surprised but absolutely incensed. Typical tyrannical communistic behaviour. Whoever instigated and participated in this must be made known.


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