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Unvaccinated vs Vaccinated: Hatred breeds hatred, be the one to stop the vicious cycle


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What a crazy couple of years we have lived in, and if you’re like me and refused to be forced to take an experimental vaccine with many serious reported side effects including death, congratulations for standing strong through a vicious assault on our rights and freedoms.

But this assault wasn’t limited to just government. It included mainstream media who called us anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, dangerous, and even far-right extremists. Whilst the government-imposed mandates for us to be even able to earn an income across a vast range of industries, in some states like Victoria it was well over 90% of all jobs. If that wasn’t enough governments stopped us from going to restaurants, a movie, taking part in sports, and one of the most cruelest, preventing us from saying goodbye to dying relatives in hospitals and aged care homes. It was brutal, it was inhumane, and it was the worst side of society.

But it didn’t stop with governments and media, sadly our families and friends, sometimes even our wives and husbands fought against us. It tore families apart, children now living in two homes as the divide grew stronger between the unvaccinated and the vaccinated. People were banned from family Christmases, people lost friends and potential lifelong divisions now exist within family units. What an absolute tragedy of a situation.

Just to add to all these things against us we even had social media, touted as a modern-day tool to get the truth out, a beacon of truth in the world of globalist-controlled media and governments silence anyone who spoke out against the vaccine, this included people who even commented on their own adverse event. Yes, people speaking the truth, sharing their story and their experiences, and their personal horror stories including losing loved ones were silenced.

It was all pushed as fake news, misinformation, and dangerous and it needed to be stopped at all costs. The victims were silenced, their voices taken away. The doctors and scientists who spoke out were banned from all social media platforms except a few like Telegram, Rumble, BitChute, and Gab where freedom of speech and the truth still shined brightly.

But sadly, the masses don’t use those social media apps, and they don’t read articles like ours. Why would they? They have been told we spread misinformation, that we are clickbait, that we are extremists. The government, the media, social media, and even their workplaces all spout the same lies.

Then you have these groups that push these agendas for the elite. These people see themselves as social justice warriors, they are all linked together in a worldwide vicious loop, funded by the very elite who profiteer from big pharma and big business, they fund these non-government organisations (NGOs), that push narratives, that filter through the university groups, and the social media groups and suddenly everyone is following the same narrative, a mass psychosis of society. All who do not get vaccinated are evil and must be punished and must die a social death.

This topic needs a more thorough discussion, on just how they control the narrative but for now, let’s get back to the point of the article.

That is that we, the unvaccinated have just gone through hell, it’s as simple as that. If you held on to a job during this time, congratulations, if your family remained intact, congratulations. For so many, it didn’t work out that way. But I’m with all of you, I support all of you and I understand all of you. I also feel immense pain for those who didn’t make it, the ones who took their lives because the treatment from society was just too much to bear. What you experienced was not right, no justification will ever make it right, and whilst I was on your side, I’m still so sorry it got too much.

Now I know they can’t read this, but I hope their family and friends can. For the ones who supported their lost loved ones, stay strong. For those who contributed to pushing a loved one over the edge by getting caught up in this crazy psy-op and alienating your loved one, forgive yourself and make a promise to yourself today. That promise is that you will put people first, family, friends, and humanity as a whole first for your remaining days. That you will no longer let the government, the media, social media, Hollywood, and the great elite machine tell you how to treat a fellow human ever again.

Now is a time for healing, even though the battle isn’t won, mandates still exist, and friendships and families are still torn apart. People are dying and sick from the aftermath of this experiment on humanity and even businesses continue to discriminate, even when mandates have been lifted. A big call out to those sick social justice warrior companies like Woolworths and Coles, you are so far away from any moral highpoint, so step back from your so-called social justice stand and remember we are all your customers, but hey what I say does not matter because you have your elite stockholders to put first, right?

So how do we heal, well I am going to address the unvaccinated freedom fighters first. Now you do realise that in the freedom movement are vaccinated individuals, although a lot have walked away. Why, because you made it a war. You decided to fight hate with hate and now we are stuck in this bitter battle with many hoping for a white flag to be raised to allow for healing, forgiveness, and for humanity to rebuild.

Now let me make this abundantly clear, me using the white flag symbol does not mean I believe we should stop the fight against the corrupt governments, media, social media, businesses, and elites who are waging war against us. No, I mean peace with each other, the everyday people. Many vaccinated people regret their decision, many felt pressured beyond belief, many have suffered side effects, and many are angry that the vaccine failed miserably in stopping them from getting Covid.

They are waking up, but what stops them from waking up fully.  PRIDE, bloody pride, we all have it, and it is our biggest downfall. If a vaccinated person came out on a Facebook post right now and said I was wrong, so many would use it to attack them and say well you should have listened, deserve you right, and so on. It’s disgusting, the only way we win this war, is to unite. To forgive, to repair, accept and find the common bonds between us as human beings.

For the vaccinated, stop allowing governments, media, and NGOs t  tell you how to feel and act and accept the universal right for people to choose how they live their lives. Accept their choice and begin the path to healing.

We need to embrace the vaccinated, accept their decision, and help them see the truth through love, acceptance, and kindness. Not through hate and ridicule.

We are the ones with the power, not the elite. Just us humans, because once we stop playing the elite’s game of division and come together and unite, God help the elite because they will absolutely be crushed once we realise who holds the power in this world.



  1. It’s important to keep in mind that the vaccinated have been deceived, mislead or forced to take the jab. They used every trick in the book. Here in Holland they admitted to have deployed the military and used BDM (behavioral dynamics methodology) to monitor and directly influence the behavior of unsuspecting citizens.

    We should study the psychological warfare tactics they have been using against us, such as BDM, Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), fear programming using repetitive content, psychopolitics etc, to better understand how they induced this mass formation psychosis, and how they engineered compliance.

    Ridicule fact checkers, legacy media and the sadistic psychopaths in government. Not those who have been under their spell. They are already suffering the consequences of being betrayed, as their bodies are producing neurotoxic spike protein.


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