Thursday, June 30, 2022
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We Are Walking into Electronic Concentration Camps


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Smart phones, Smart Cars, Smart Homes. Is it really smart to just accept smart technology especially the way it is being weaponised against us?

I for one can’t fathom why people, especially millennials would pay lots of money for something that monitors everything they do and reports it back to a centralised location. We have been tricked to believe that our information, including our business data, our personal details, photos, spreadsheets, documents are in the “cloud” when in fact they are physically stored on someone else’s computer.

Smart technology has become incredibly invasive over the last few years and finally some people are waking up to the loss of privacy and freedom. It’s not just our smart phones it’s all the smart technology. We are lured and sold with the convenience and ease of smart technology in our homes and cars BUT at what cost? Smart technology can be used against you. A glitch at a private corporation like Google can lock you out of your home or stop your lights from working making you sit in the dark like a mushroom. And then, what if instead of a glitch, it’s because you were accused of hate speech online by a deranged tranny activist because you had the audacity to follow biology and write “A woman doesn’t have a penis”. A simple tweet forwarded to the Google “ministry of truth” could deny you entry into your own home until you delete the “hateful” tweet.

 We are surrendering the most intimate details of our lives to smart technology, Wrist watches that monitor our heartbeat which can tell whether you are making love to your wife or your mistress. Smart phones which track your location and put you in the vicinity of a protest – enough to bring on the full wrath of a tyrannical government. We saw this firsthand with the Canadian truckers. People who donated as little as ten dollars found their bank accounts frozen. Some of these people were fired from their jobs with no due process. This showed us that a Western Government led by Justin Trudeau was willing to weaponise the financial system against nonviolent protesters and their supporters as a tool of first resort. This should send shivers down every person that believes in freedom and civil disobedience in a democracy.

Smart technology is even easier to weaponise. If a government would weaponise a financial system, then why wouldn’t they weaponise smart technology against their citizens? It becomes no longer necessary to physically incarcerate political enemies or people with a different opinion, why bother when a few strokes on a keyboard will put them in digital jail. It would not take much to shut down your phone, car, locks, lights you could easily become a social outcast, byte by byte. Digital death is silent and stealthy unlike policemen breaking down your front door. In a world with no cash and one that runs on digital dollars freezing someone’s financial resources locks them out of society. This is why nearly every government on earth is pushing ever so hard for a cashless society. Covid was the entrée, digital dollars are the main dish that will be served on humanity by these governments that lust for power and whose appetite has been opened by Covid over the last two years. The power is staggering… Government and corporate spying based on your face, your health status, your behaviour, spending, your social media, your phone activities, your car and so many more things that they haven’t thought of yet.

This is the creepy diabolical genius of smart technology and what it enables. The very technology that people hailed as revolutionary and liberating has and will become as we move further into the future our prison, our jailer, probation officer and Big Brother, the enabler of global government and the ministry of truth.

Welcome to the worldwide electronic concentration camp.



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