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What Is Easter


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Let me start by saying that I am not an overly religious person. I don’t go to church every Sunday nor do I pray very often, but I do understand the story of Easter and the lessons, morals and values that go with it to create a better society.

Our world is in trouble and no Greta, you silly little child. It’s not from man-made climate change. Our society has lost its way; it has lost its morality. It has forgotten what is true and what is real. Just last week we all saw in Australia’s parliament, one of our most senior health officials not wanting or being able to answer the most simple of questions. What is a woman? Why would someone hesitate to answer that? It’s such a simple question with a very simple answer. Yet he refused to answer it!! People think that doctors guess the sex of a child at birth and therefore should be genderless until the child can decide for itself when it is old enough.

Where does this madness come from? It comes from academics, universities and professors that pretend they are “God” and know better. They want to re-engineer society by indoctrinating youth and recreating man in their image. There are those that go even further and want to change the way a human thinks, remove their free will and create a Frankenstein monster. They call this trans-humanism, but it’s really the 21st century Frankenstein monster. This is all possible because society has lost the moral compass of yesteryear that was based on Christian morals and values and replaced it with nothing. Anything goes now. I’m not saying we all become bible bashers, but society needs standards that are based on a higher power and not those based on man, as man’s values can become corrupted and tainted.

So, what is Easter if it isn’t about Easter Eggs, fairy floss and rides at a show?

Easter is a story of love and hope. It’s a story about a father that loved the world so much he sacrificed his greatest love, his son. The world became so wicked and evil, blinded by sin it was on a one way track to eternal damnation and suffering (Seem familiar?). Not wanting to see us perish, “God” sacrificed his son, Jesus to take the fall for us and give us a chance for redemption. Easter should remind us of all the unimaginable sacrifice that were made. Jesus died for everyone in this world, so that we can have a new life. Easter is also about forgiveness. While dying on the cross, through agonising breaths, Jesus said, “Father, forgive them, for they don’t know what they are doing”–speaking of those who had played a part in crucifying Him. His love triumphed over His violent pain. 

Even if you don’t believe in God and Jesus or the crucifixion and resurrection, there are valuable lessons we can all use in life and society to create a much better world; AND why wouldn’t you tell children this story in schools instead of telling them they might not be the gender their biology reflects and perhaps instead of colouring and drawing rainbows and unicorns they should draw and colour a cross every now and then.



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