Thursday, June 30, 2022
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What’s Next?


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Covid has brought many changes to the Australian landscape. That is undeniable. As we look back to this time 2 years ago who would have believed the state, we currently find ourselves in.

The changes to our lives, businesses, families, jobs, sporting landscape and friends would have been inconceivable to any of us. State borders closed, masks worn by many, some even when they are alone, jabs that had to be bribed, coerced, pushed and blackmailed just to keep a job or go to school, checking in wherever you go. 

Rumors abound as to what’s coming up in the near future. Leaving the rumors behind, what do we actually know? The one area we do know about is the banking industry. We know there has been an unreasonable and unsubstantiated push to declare cash as unclean, a spreader of disease and a way for people to dodge tax payments. Despite the fact that for years we have survived this unclean, disease spreading, tax avoiding form of currency the government and banks are determined to push on with a digital currency.

Australian banks are focusing more and more on digital transactions. Convenient? Maybe. The credit card has become the main method of payment for many. We are told 80% of Australians regularly use their credit card as the main form of currency exchange. Despite the occasional transaction discrepancy or outright fraud, they continue to be used by the masses.

Transparent? Definitely. Every transaction can be seen, tracked and confirmed, whether you want it to be or not. No more backyard “cashies” which in reality make up a very small portion of overall transactions and have little impact on tax “dodging” but are portrayed as the potential downfall of our society as we know it.

We do understand, yet somehow miss the point that the major companies and high-income earners with almost unlimited tax breaks have a much higher impact on taxation. So how do we see this new banking economy transpiring in the year ahead?

ATM’s and bank branches are disappearing at an alarming rate. Close to 460 bank branches have closed and approximately 3,800 ATM’s have been removed since the beginning of 2020. NSW has lost 140 branches and over 300 suburbs don’t have a single ATM to withdraw cash. A similar tale in Victoria where 120 branches have permanently closed their doors.

These closures have had a significant impact on local communities, especially in rural areas. Jobs are lost and businesses impacted. Elderly citizens find it increasingly frustrating to try and do their weekly bill paying and shopping. Up to 20 percent of elderly, disabled or not digital savvy people are being left behind. Little effort is being made to help this demographic.

Those who prefer to use cash will have no option in the very near future but to go digital. Of course, and excuse my cynical mind here, the fact that banks are bringing in a small, actually quite large, fortune in daily digital transactions would have nothing to do with this move. It’s for our safety and security. Where have I heard a similar term to that recently?

This move has many implications to some businesses and families. The street performers will be gone. Donations to the homeless will also be a thing of the past. Grandma’s Christmas and birthday cash gifts, also gone.

While these may seem like minor inconveniences there is a sinister side to a cashless society. Total control by the government. Not possible you say?

We have seen this exact situation play out recently in Canada when ALL accounts were frozen by the Government of those who played ANY part in the Convoy Protests. 

Truckers, accounts frozen. Attendees, accounts frozen. Supporters, accounts frozen. 

That also included anyone who supplied food, water or fuel to the convoy participants. Anyone who spent any time in the area even. The long reach of the government has found a new way to totally bring to their knees anyone who disagrees with government policy.

The Deputy Chief of the RCMP said, “these people will be hunted down and ruined”. Easy to do in a cashless society. Is this where you want to go? Any traffic fine immediately taken out of your account. Jaywalking, parking fine or any other misdemeanor, you are fined, and money disappears from your account. 

In fact, anytime the government decides to impose a new tax, payment or who knows what you will have zero chance to discuss or postpone payments no matter what your financial situation happens to be.

Disagree with the Government or post a comment online that may go against the current policies? Bank account frozen or confiscated. Can’t happen? It is right before your eyes. 

Hidden in plain sight we are losing our freedom to choose bit by bit. Unfortunately, this bit by bit is happening at an ever-increasing rate and if we don’t say enough soon then all our freedoms we have come to know, love and enjoy will be gone before we wake up.

It’s time to Wake Up Australia. 



  1. This exactly what putan is fighting for, to stop one world order, the same reason they got rid Trump, not hard to work out.


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