Monday, June 27, 2022
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Which one of us is blind?


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We are standing here, on this side of the street, with strangers who are turning out to be brothers and sisters, and we are looking through the thin line of police, at the Australians who are sitting at the café’s tables and drinking their lattes, as they make it clear that they are leaving us behind.

Yesterday their leader stated that he had changed our culture and here they were, two days in, celebrating its dawn. And their side of the tracks have all the guns, and all the money and all the rights to work and soon to travel. They have the right to socialise in restaurants and pubs, and to have all their family and friends there when they baptise their children and when they celebrate their marriages or bury their loved ones.

Whereas us? All we share are a few things like; each other, and remarkably we are very close; a deepening grief mixed with anger and astonishment for what we can see we are all losing; and this stubborn determination to hold on to our freedom. But this is a different freedom than what we were given at birth. It’s a purer freedom, the one all the freedoms we took for granted, the ones we have lost, emerged from. The Freedom of Choice.

But this freedom is no longer free, its price is our jobs, our families and friends, loved ones who are now too frightened to associate with us. It might even cost us our dreams. And yet here we are, sharing it, displaying it, even celebrating it, and the presence of our little cluster is so frightening to this emerging culture, that the street is full of police, and around the corners, more police are waiting, some of them on horses, as though we were a virus that could break free and infect the city. The media too, will work with the authorities to portray us as right winged domestic terrorists.

They are even organising their own march against us, like a rushed vaccine. They are calling it an anti-racist anti-fascist antivax march. To us that is so ridiculous it has to be a joke. But it isn’t. What they are doing in order to frighten us into complying, in order to eradicate us, is to continue to publicly identify us as the problem. And by doing so, their leader, under the safety of our community’s greater silence, is successfully reclassifying us as the first demographic in living memory, that these people, drinking their lattes, will not only be allowed to fully discriminate against, but to openly hate.

And we can see this. To us it’s crystal clear. To us, this rising, state sanctioned hate, thinly covered in the words, for your health, is the cancer that is on track to destroy everything that was great and beautiful about us. And this is why we are looking across the tracks at those who are ignoring us. Doesn’t this worry you? We are thinking. Can’t you see it? Or out of the two of us, are we the ones who are blind?



  1. It certainly has become a society where friends are made or lost due to something that should be a personal choice. I am 67 y/o and endured many friends for many decades knowing we have opposing political views or friends whose religous beliefs are strange to me, but through all this we remain good friends, but now many old friends do not want to even talk to me re my views on exp j@bs

  2. Thanks for writing this Michael …and for being there . I read something in Bruce Lipton’s book The Biology of Belief yesterday. ” If you actually measure stress using our best available instruments, it can’t hold a candle to social isolation. Social isolation is the best established, most robust social or psychological risk factor for disease out there. Nothing can compete”. Dan has his weapons and people who connect and support each other can end this madness .

  3. Beautifully written. I was at my brother in laws yesterday and sometimes i feel angry at them and people like them because they can’t seem to see the dangerousness of the current political and social climate because it doesn’t effect them. My sister in law says ‘i got it done because i want to do things like go to cafe and travel, don’t you want that to?’ I think to myself what an insane thing to say. Firstly yes of cause but more importantly don’t you see that you have allowed your power, your freedom to be taken away and then dangled in front of you like a carrot to get you to act in a certain way.
    But then i see how much easier they have it. I had to drop my 5 and 7 year old off to them so they could take them to a birthday party that i couldn’t go to, after seeing my 7 year old son they offered to take him to the hairdressers, something I’m not allowed to do for him!
    They have a future which is certain…mine feels anything but certain. I don’t know how long i will have this feeling of being a second class citizen for. If i try to enter a shop (after Dec 1) will i be chased out and berated by the employee and have media outlets congratulate them for doing so. I don’t know if ill ever travel to see family overseas again. I don’t know if I’ll ever work as a registered nurse again.
    My moral compass prevents me from doing sooo many things from the foods i eat to the things i purchase but lately I’ve been thinking maybe I am the one who is blind. I’m certainly not feeling as great as those who chose the covid vaccine and i doubt im going to have great physical, emotional and mental health outcome living in this ostracized way of life.

  4. No matter what shoelaces Dan does to divide those who have from those who haven’t or how many what I thought were true friends choose not to be. my choice is not to trust a Vaccination that has not undertaken long standing testing and trial routines before being administered to humans.

    If these vaccines are so effective why is booster shots required at six monthly intervals??? Something seriously smells about this!!!

  5. Turn to Jesus He loves you, He is the healer of the body And savior of the soul There is True Hope in Jesus He is the God of miracles Acts 2:21 And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved Jesus alone saves Trust Him with your salvation John 3:16
    1 Corinthians 15 1-4
    Moreover Brethren, i declare unto you the gospel which i preached unto you, which also ye have received, and with wherein ye stand
    By which also ye are saved, if you keep in memory what i preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain,
    For i delivered unto you first of all that which i also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures
    And that He was buried, and that He rose again the third day according to the scriptures, Take care


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