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Who are the Bilderbergers?


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With the Bilderbergers currently attending their annual meeting in Washington from June 2 – to June 5, people have been asking, “who are these people and what’s the agenda”?

Fair question. They have had a mixed reaction of support or criticism due to the extreme secretiveness of these meetings. This has led to conspiracy theories that would fill volumes but as we are seeing on an almost daily basis, what was once an outlandish conspiracy is now a fact and discussed openly, so perhaps some of these conspiracy theories may have some truth to them after all.

The Bilderberg meetings involve a who’s who of politics, world leaders, the CIA, other agencies, the business world, and the mega-wealthy. Until relatively recently the attendees and speakers were kept very much under wraps.

A full list of this year’s attendees can be found here Participants 2022 ( but a search on who these people represent is eye-opening to say the least. There are also other high-profile attendees who drop in for a day or to give a keynote talk. These people are rarely added to the list of those who attended.

Those who attended this year represent just a sample of the following agencies and companies:

Deutsche Bank AG; Politicians and Prime ministers; USA Department of The Treasury; Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation; Evercore Inc.; OpenAI; Assorted selected journalists; Members of Parliament, The Social Democrat Party; The Director-General of UNESCO; Defense Secretaries; Goldman Sachs International LLC; Amundi; Shell; Bourla, Albert (USA), Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc., etc., etc.

While there is an agenda there are no votes and no binding agreements. They come, they listen, they observe, they rub shoulders, they leave.

The agenda is public, what is discussed and who spoke is highly secretive. If you are an uninvited journalist in the area you will probably be arrested.

Security is next level, as you would expect for such a high-profile gathering but any information on what goes on behind closed doors is virtually impossible to find out.

The first Bilderberg meeting was held in 1954

They got their name from the place of their first meeting which was the Bilderberg Hotel in Oosterbeek, Holland.

The event was hosted by Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. What added to the intrigue and conspiracy theories over the years was the attendance at that meeting of a number of luminaries from the European branch of the Illuminati and the fact that Prince Bernhard actually belonged to the Nazi Party at one time and was a former officer in the SS.

While the Prince left all Nazi groups when he left university, he began employment with IG Farben’s notorious NW7 group which served as spies for the Third Reich. The attached article gives an insight into the background and activities of IG Farben and the NW7 group. If you think this company is full of light and love, take some time to follow the link. IG Farben – German domination über alles – Dr. Rath Health Foundation (

Bernhard also belonged to the Dutch branch of the Knights Templar.

The current Chairman is Henri de Castries, a French businessman.

The Mainstream Media denied Bilderberg existed until the mid-1980s, which obviously added to the intrigue. News stations then began to openly admit Bilderberg existed. By 2000, Media coverage of the group was limited to only a small-one liner while many conspiracy Theorists became more suspicious of Bilderberg. In time even people who were not conspiracy theorists became suspicious.

The Bilderberg group, as seen by the current attendees, has extended itself into nearly every corner of the globe. Industry, finance, medicine, agriculture, and so on, are all profoundly influenced by think tanks and private interest groups. While there is no formal voting on any discussions, or so we are told, it is evident there is a consensus on the method of approach designed by the Bilderberg group.

The world we see today is sculpted by power players acting through CEOs, elected officials, and multinational corporations. The Bilderberg group appears to be a major presence in this sculpting. It operates in secret yet has a presence in every major nation on the planet.

It has been said if you want to discover what an organisation is really about it is important to look into the roots and foundation of that organisation.

John Foster Dulles was instrumental in helping the Bilderberg Group get established. His brother, Allen Dulles, was responsible for Operation Paperclip which enabled large numbers of Nazi scientists (among others) to come into the United States and start working for the U.S. government in various capacities. Allen Dulles was so passionate about this program that it continued even when two presidents tried to shut it down

It is now well known that Dulles’ CIA Operation Paperclip assimilated Nazi scientists into the American establishment. They did this by obscuring their histories and preventing efforts to bring their true stories to light. The project was led by officers in the United States Army. Although the program officially ended in September 1947, those officers and others carried out a conspiracy until the mid-1950s that bypassed both law and presidential directives to keep Operation Paperclip going. Neither Presidents Truman nor Eisenhower was informed that their instructions were ignored.

The “godfather” of the Bilderberg Group is a former U.S. Secretary of State named Henry Kissinger. He is a polarising figure in American politics and has attended the gathering almost every single year. This is a man that is so committed to globalization that he even wrote a book entitled “World Order“. But what hardly anyone knows is that he actually discussed overthrowing the West German government with a group of “disgruntled Nazis” back in the 1970s.

While the term ‘Nazi’ is rarely used these days in any positive way, the aims and objectives of the Nazi Party appear alive and well when speaking of the Bilderberg Group.

Their desire is for a one-world government that dominates the entire planet. Is it any wonder what goes on behind the closed doors of these meetings is kept so secret?



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