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Why is the world driven to hate by media and government?


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Tomorrow in Qld our Freedoms are returned!

Not today, not last week when it was announced, we have to wait until tomorrow because of??

Mainstream Media and Government continue to churn out covid numbers, nonsensical advice and disgusting comments about Australian people who have chosen not to have a vaccination for a virus of which there is a high probability that they will not get seriously ill from.

Our health service is under immense stress and pressure, our front-line workers are being ignored by Government and now the deadly Covid Crisis has vanished as if into thin air, left with a few subtle reminders keep us afraid.

We have been continually told we had to sacrifice our freedom, right to work and be educated to save the vulnerable, to protect each other and to do the right thing.

The average age of death from Covid is in the 80’s, this group of people have been vaxxed, locked in their own rooms in age care facilities and for the last two years been deprived of family contact often.

They have been living under fear, worse than the rest of us as they are told they are the “at risk group” yet now we look the other way whilst they continue to be locked down. This at-risk group were used to drive the whole population to take the vaccine, when that didn’t work for some, other methods were used and finally jobs were lost. People were made to have it, people were victimized, ridiculed, shamed and bullied.

The resistance was recently called on MSM a small, loud minority group not deserving of oxygen! A shocking statement to which I have demanded be addressed by the Qld Premier and the Health Department, neither of which have commented or replied yet, I am not hopeful.

These tactics are being used to create fear, divide, anger and hatred not just here but all over the world.

There is a battle happening right now in the world, a battle between good and evil.

Louder and Louder are the calls for us to force, demand, supply weapons, to basically go to war with one of the most highly weaponised countries in the world.

Millions of people are caught in the middle, killed, displaced from their homes to become refugees alongside the already millions that have been displaced by Governments. Many others are not shown by Media anymore as in my opinion Governments do not care about about them.

Here are just a few where untold misery, suffering and mass murder continue today, rarely reported on – Myanmar, Ethiopia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan, Syria, Iraq and Somalia.

Human beings have always been at war, they have always been used or use each other for their own means but the levels of evil and manipulation is now on a scale of which we have never seen before, our compliance is driving it.

The shocking normalization of hatred and calls for death, is the most sinister and dangerous situation which affects our world, our lives, our children and our future.

Facebook and Instagram stand on their moral platforms closing down hate speech and trolling for the greater good, announcing recently they will be allowing users to ‘call for death and violence” towards Russian soldiers. American parent company Meta have relaxed their hate speech policy in certain countries as long as the hatred is directed only at Russian soldiers.

During war times, many innocents are caught up, considered collateral damage by the powers that be, they are quickly forgotten by us all, by the media but mostly by the Governments as their agendas have been met.

Groups are earmarked for Racism and still today we allow, support and go along with it as we are driven by hatred, fear and anger. Governments and Media are openly driving hatred right now even against their own people, hatred against a whole nation, that can and most likely will defend itself.

Will the world be a better place if we go to war with Russia?

Will more people die or be saved?

Will our money, our taxes be better spent killing?

Does the government really care if we or our children die?

Can we find a better solution?

Why are world leaders not attending peace talks?

Why are governments pledging weapons with our money?

What are your thoughts? Do you believe everything on the News and every word spoken by Politicians?

Tell us!

WE AT AFIPN are the people, we are just normal everyday people, we are what news reporters should be, we are not bought and paid for, we are not told what to write or what to say, we are FREE and so are you!



  1. Have you looked into The LaRouche Organisation?
    If WEF are evil then TLO are the good.
    I watched a free, open to the public live conference the other night. People from all over the world wanting to make a change.
    Unfortunately it looks like WEF have taken their wording and bastardised and twisted it for their own evil agenda.

    They were looking at ideas. They all agree that the first thing that should happen is get rid of WEF & the elites. An American stated that you would have to get rid of his current government and elect people that worked to make their people’s lives better. (That would have to happen world wide) Most important issue they said was world hunger and they stated that it could be fixed straight away but WEF have stopped it from happening because it does not suit their agenda.

    The only thing I was not happy about was global currency. But I’m sure their could be a way to have global currency for trade and each country still retain their individual currency, so they can have cash if they wish.

    Anyway. There principle is that every country would be autonomous and independent but we would work together and respect each other’s beliefs for the world’s benefit. Taking the food example…countries that had more would give to those that didn’t, until they could build their infrastructures. If you have infrastructure, people have jobs which benefit their area. Which would benefit their country. Basically build from the ground up. Rather than the current system which only benefits the rich.

    As far as world debt goes….an economist said that we would have to draw a line in the sand and put every countries debt to one side and start again. The elite would not like that one bit.

    They did say that it would maybe take 10 yrs to implement and they acknowledge that people were dying now so the sooner it was implemented the better.

    Anyway. I think the idea has some excellent merits.

    Oh! LaRouche was an American politician. The president at the time thought it was a good idea. Before it could be implemented the president was killed. Funny that. Just like JFK for wanting to get rid of the CIA. Food for thought.


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