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“Yesterday’s Heroes”


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Last year, Australia’s healthcare workers were described as superheroes without capes. Promoted as our protectors and willing to work on the frontline, often without masks or PPE, to help us and to be our shield from the “virus sweeping the world”.

They were rightly given our appreciation and recognised as genuine heroes in difficult and trying times.

How times have changed.

Many of these same heroes have been stood down and cast aside. They are using whatever sick or holiday leave they have to try and stave off what appears to be the inevitable end of their jobs. Decades of experience gone overnight.

Why? Simply because they have concerns about a medical trial. 

They have been on the frontline. They’ve been in the wards. They’ve been at the entrance to Emergency Departments and they’ve been in the ambulances transporting sick and injured patients. These front liners have seen firsthand what is happening behind the closed doors of our hospitals. They’ve seen a proliferation of cases, not of covid as we are led to believe, but case after case of illnesses that are stated as potential side effects of the “vaccines” and they have genuine concerns. They would like to wait.

They are not anti-vaxxers. Most are up to date with all other vaccines required for their jobs. Some have even had their first jab but had significant enough reactions to where they don’t want a second. Despite Drs being aware of what had happened, they were still told, “get the second or your job is finished”.

New Mental Health facilities are being set up in many hospitals to cater for patients struggling with the jab and other issues covid related, but staff with issues or concerns, last year’s superheroes, are being ignored and that’s just not right.         

I’ve sat with many now just listening to their stories. I’ve seen tears, anger, frustration, hopelessness and fear. Mostly fear. Stomach churning fear that begins the moment they wake up till whenever they can finally fall asleep. They are being coerced and pressured to take a jab they have genuine concerns about just to keep their jobs. Jobs their families rely on to put food on the table, clothe their children, pay the mortgage or rent and just to survive.

I spoke with a single mum who has 3 children. Without her job, they literally have nowhere to go. She had been willing to line up for her first jab. That’s what these healthcare workers do. However, after a major reaction, she was justifiably reluctant to front up for her second.  

What would you do if you were a single mum responsible for three children? Risk permanent injury or worse? Play Russian roulette with your health? Remember, these workers see firsthand what’s going on in the hospital wards. They see beds filled with what looks like vaccine injured patients and she’s concerned. Her hospital would replace her in an instant, but what would her family do?

I asked these heroes from yesterday if they had seen many covid patients over the past 18 months. They hadn’t. In fact, they said the wards seemed eerily quiet. It appears no one wants to go to hospital for anything other than a real emergency. Other seriously ill patients had put off surgery or had them cancelled. Lifesaving surgeries were put off because of the fear of being exposed to a virus very few had even seen. This is one of the many hidden side effects of our “covid pandemic”. The side no one wants to talk about.         

So, if they hadn’t seen covid, what had they seen?

Vertigo and balance issues, numbness and tingling in many parts of their body, strokes, heart attacks, cardiac issues, rashes, blood clots, crushing pain in chests and more. There is something called Broken Heart Syndrome. I hadn’t heard of this one.  

This sounds like you’re reading the possible side effects written on the insert in a “vaccine” box.  But it’s not just an insert, it’s real people with real problems and these healthcare workers are seeing them in increasing numbers.  

To be fair, some doctors are saying it’s just a coincidence and has nothing to do with the vaccines. This is not a surprise.  

The healthcare workers I spoke to were taking a risk just talking. Healthcare workers have been effectively gagged. I was shown letters that were written as a warning to them because these trusted heroes from last year had written something on a personal Facebook page that “may” be perceived as negative about vaccines. “Do it again and you could lose your job”, was the confronting message.  

We lauded these people last year. This year in Queensland, over 4,000 healthcare workers, (it could be closer to 7,000), have been stood down because they are concerned. They aren’t anti-vaxxers. They just have reservations and would like to wait. Instead of being allowed to wait, they are pushed, pressured, ostracised, and now stood down.

Is this fair?

Where is our support for them? These parents, wives, husbands, girlfriends, partners, sons and daughters are struggling. They’re struggling financially. They’re struggling mentally. They’re struggling to understand what’s happening and they’re being left on their own.

They just want to work. They just want to do what they have been trained to do. They want to do what they love. They want to help you.  

How about we stand up for them like they have been standing up for us. Listen to them and support them. What’s happening to 1,000’s of our frontline heroes is just not right.



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