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Young swimmer Mariasofia Paparo dead from a heart attack


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A young fit 27-year-old swimmer in Italy has died suddenly following a massive heart attack. Italian swimmer Mariasofia Paparo was just about to celebrate her 28th birthday and had only recently got engaged before the tragedy struck.

The swimmer died suddenly in San Girogia a Cremano (Naples) on Monday, April 11th according to local reports.

Her fiancé Matteo Scarpati, a fellow swimmer proposed on March 13. Scarpati paid tribute to Paparo on Facebook.

“You were an angel who changed my life by giving me the strength to do things that I never could think about doing,”

“You taught me true love, you taught me to smile and be happy again. We had a life ahead and you left like that. I loved you from the first day I saw you, you made me struggle to conquer you, but then you agreed to live this fantastic adventure together and you gave me the best two years of my life.

“I will always remember you like this, as my beautiful Mariasofia, and I will always be your ciccino. I love you and I will always love you, my love.” Scarpati said.

MSN Italy, spoke of Paparo accomplishments “Mariasofia was an athlete of the Posillipo Swimming Club, in 2019 she was part of the staff of the Swim4Life Trophy, valid for the Supermaster FIN Circuit. She was part of the Speedo Masters Team and in 2020 she had participated in the crossing of the Strait of Messina, as well as in the Capri-Naples.”



  1. It is such a tragedy that so many athletes are dying with heart issues and nobody wants to admit that the cause is the CV Jab😩 My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one❤️

  2. Anyone asked if she received the Covid-19 experimental shot? Thousands of people, especially young people — are having adverse reactions to the shot, even dying. Wish more writers would add that bit of infortion to their reporting at the end of the story. Was she vaxxed? If so when and what vaccine.

  3. I want to hear from the mortician what her blood looks like. Mortician have been sounding alarm bells. 1/2 of deaths they see have abnormal clotting

  4. I think as with all medical care that there are casualties. But for most of the people this isn’t true. I am sorry for this vibrant young person that this wasn’t successful but for the masses it is mostly successful.

    • OK, you incredibly stupid person. We know what the risks are; young people are dying everywhere and millions are being injured all over the world by the millions. Now, would you care to enlighten us all from the pinnacle of your ignorance as to what the benefits of these shots are? Define success in this instance! Would you be quite so sanguine about this beautiful young person’s death if it was your daughter? You truly make me sick.

      • I totally agree. At this moment in history nothing makes me more mad than a pious remark along the lines of, ‘ the Vax has saved so many lives”
        ‘ COVID would have been much worse for me if l want jabbed”, Really ? Well guess what? the same people who told you that also said the vaccine was safe.. Good grief wake up. Murder, genocide, Depopulation is being committed in front of our very eyes . Everyday.

  5. Safe and effective, right???
    Nothing to see here….
    Move along, move along…..

    (All sarcasm aside…. I am very sad to here this occurred…. my thoughts and prayers go out to her fiance, her friends and her family….)

  6. It’s not unbelievable. It’s criminal! It’s mandated murder. And there’s more to come. Check out the football stats if you don’t believe this is anything other than just an “undetected heart problem…” Suddenly they are everywhere.

  7. So sad to see a young athlete taken in her prime. Condolences to familia and fiancé.
    That makes near 800 – the number of young pro sports people having heart attacks!
    When will someone say ‘ Could it be the Covid Vaccine and Booster?’ and actually do something about it!!!
    If it is, the Vac then frikken heads must roll. I am so sick of the complacency regarding Covid Vaccine Adverse Reactions. These stupid ignorant politicians and sponsored so called health officials must come out and admit their mistakes. And sports bodies must stop this Covid Vaccine madness how many more must die at your expense?

    • Agree 100%. Despite all the evidence that all this death, destruction and misery is being caused by the jabs, there are people in high places that continue to mandate and promote this cold-blooded murder. They should be arrested, tried in front of a jury of their peers, and if found guilty hanged by the neck until dead for crimes against humanity, just the same as what happened to hundreds of Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials in 1946. We need Nuremberg 2.0 and we need it soon.

    • That would mean admitting liability, there would be no end to the lawsuits that would certainly follow.
      They are all involved. Complicit.

  8. Fact: Healthy athletes who don’t smoke, drink, or drugs do not simply drop dead from heart attacks.


  9. Heart breaking…that’s all I can say too…the jab is deadly and continues to be devastating for so many…an experimental jab, in which can cost you everything..,evil is at play here…may she Rest In Peace & her family heal…eventually…🥲❤️

  10. As a swimmer for Arizona State (a few years ago) all I can say is … vaccine. Another damned unnecessary death from the damned vaccines. This did not have to happen. This did not have to happen.

  11. Very said, she looked like a lovely person. We all need to hold the needle-Nazis accountable and prosecute them for crimes against humanity.

  12. Thank you Luke for having the integrity and honesty in making this story available. We need more journalist like you out there. I’m in Melbourne, Australia and will share your story, in the hope that the world knows the truth. A friend of mine asked me this morning about the number count of sports people that have died after the j#b, as her last count globally was 750.

  13. Yeah, yet another tragic death induced by the experimental mRNA Gene-therepy purported as a vaccine. However, I’m sure her medical team will not reveal her true vaccine status. One just has to ask, how come the total mortality rate went up AFTER the Vaccine roll-out, and WHY so many athletes have died of heart attacks ?? Why Are Healthy Athletes Collapsing:

  14. I have to wonder if she was fully vaccinated? So many world class athletes have had unexpected heart problems following vaccinations. It’s time for deep investigations into these vaccines! Tragically, it’s not being addressed

  15. I too bet she took the jab as other athletes have also died afterwards and so young. Truly senseless! Heads must roll – companies must be held accountable for these senseless deaths!

  16. My heartfelt sorrow and condolences to her bereft and grieving fiance and to her family. What an awful, awful tragedy. Take comfort in God’s promises. My prayers are with you. <3


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