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YouTube, you have violated free speech community guidelines


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Once again a company based in the United States of America who is owned by the corporate giants Vanguard and Blackrock, the very same majority shareholders of Pfizer has attacked democracy and the free press by removing our live coverage of the Perth Freedom Rally from the 30th October 2021.

We are a registered media organisation who were simply covering a protest to give real unbiased news to the people of Australia and our international followers. Regardless of YouTube’s belief on the subject of some of the speeches at the protest, it is not the position of YouTube to be our moral compass and decide what we should watch, hear or debate. It is up to the people to hear both sides of the story and make a decision on where they stand on a certain subject. We are not a bunch of toddlers who need to be controlled by a overbearing know it all parent.

But YouTube don’t limit this behavior to just media, they like to silence doctors and scientist as well. Since when did a corporation that is not in the medical field have the right to shut down medical and academic debate. Science has never been black and white, it’s always been gray, it’s always needed experiments, studies and strong academic debate to reach a consensus, but that won’t stop YouTube deciding exactly what conversations they will allow. Sadly it’s not limited to just YouTube. The sister company of YouTube, Google, also like to stifle free speech by omitting certain articles and content from it’s search results. Then there is Facebook who censor us on a never ending basis. Guess who owns Facebook, yes the majority shareholders are Vanguard and Blackrock.

When exactly did we become a nation, a world, a people that simply allowed a small minority of elite who own the majority of corporations across the world to take us hostage, to destroy free speech, academic debate and to be our moral compass. This is a corporate dictatorship and Mark Zuckerberg and the rest of these social media dictators deserve to be arrested for crimes against humanity.

We have a very serious situation where thousands upon thousands of people are having adverse events to the vaccines, often resulting in death or serious life long disease. This is not some conspiracy theory, this is reality but unless you know the right people to listen to then it’s hard to find out the truth. Why? Because the social media empire, mainstream media and other technology companies have worked hand in hand to protect their corporate shareholders Vanguards and Blackrock as they rake in billions from the vaccine companies they also own.

So many scientist and doctors have spoken out, often having their medical licenses torn up. They are not quacks, they are highly trained professionals who at the very least deserve to be heard in public with other scientists on the opposing team having a academic debate on the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, isn’t that exactly how we have progressed throughout the years, through debating different theories and finding the truth along the way.

What is the truth when all academic and scientific debate is stifled, and at what cost. How many need to die before we start holding the CEO’s of these companies shutting down the debate, and the investors in Vanguard and Blackrock personally responsible for all these vaccine deaths and charge them with Murder or at the very least Manslaughter. How many have died because the truth was censored? They have played a major part in this and are responsible.

YouTube, you know you have blood on your hands.

Australian Free Independent Press Network is dedicated to bringing people the truth and this article puts our position on YouTube in danger but we can’t let these companies force us to comply any longer. What are you as a human being if you can’t hold dear the very value of freedom? We are a free press and we will not bow down to corporate giants. YouTube you can never take our spirit.

Below is our appeal to YouTube.

Australian Free Independent Press Network is a registered media organisation in Australia. We publish the news including live streaming protests. We believe that society is best served by a democratic and free people who can actively debate and share information. We do not believe, support or condone the censorship of people. It is not the job of corporations to interfere in the free will of the people. It is even more dangerous for corporations to try to silence the media. We at AFIPN believe this is an attack on our national sovereignty, when a foreign owned corporation tries to silence Australian Media. We ask that you support the very principles of freedom and democracy and support a free press by removing this unfair and unjust strike on our account.

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